Healthy Habits without Exercising

Living a healthy life should be simple. Often we over complicate things, like adding activities into our daily lives that aren’t really sustainable. Yes, the first two days are fine because you’re motivated.  But after a week or so it gets more difficult. You’re trying to be sociable, keep relationships going, clean your house, go grocery shopping -that’s a whole day gone!- the list goes on and on. And often, there is no time left for exercise.

I understand exercising is not always your top priority, so here are 6 other healthy habits that won’t take up too much time and don’t require you to go to the gym! Health isn’t only about fitness, it’s also about your mental wellbeing and your lifestyle. 


Less screen time before bed

Spending less time on your phone is always a good idea. If that seems a little difficult however, at least start putting your phone away before bed. Your brain needs time to relax before you go to sleep. Spending less time on social media will not only be good for your mental health and self-esteem, it will also help you get better sleep. Try reading a book instead.

Try new things and do the things you love
Try something new as much as you can. Find the things you’re passionate about. A life filled with what you’re passionate about, makes you a more fulfilled person. If you’re not spending time each day to do the things you love, you won’t feel fulfilled. If you don’t feel fulfilled, you’re not able to love and support the people around you as best as you can, because you’re not treating yourself that way.

Put a list together of every single thing you love, it might be being in the sun, having a cup of coffee, getting a massage or reading a book. Then spend 5 minutes each day doing one of those things. It is so important that you prioritise this. If you don’t have time, you must make time.

Drink more water

It’s important to keep up your water intake. You’ll see physical advantages like healthier skin, but it’s doing more on the inside. Water maintains the function of every single cell in your body. Stay hydrated! 

Stretch regularly
Stretching keeps your fascia healthy. What is fascia? It’s the tissue that covers your muscles, nerves and organs, it keeps everything in the right spot. By stretching you break up the collagen and bring more oxygen to your muscles. Easily combine stretching with mindfulness.

Practice mindfulness
Practicing mindfulness is great for stress relief and relaxation, and helps you to get in tune with your body and thoughts. It doesn’t necessarily have to be mediation, there are many different ways to practice mindfulness. There are many apps out there you can use, or just sit in a quiet place and focus on your breathing. Find what works for you


I know there are many people who don’t like to read, but I encourage you to give it a go. Find a genre you love, and read for half an hour a day. It’s relaxing and it allows you to take some time for yourself. Personally I read before going to bed, and it helps me fall asleep faster.

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