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Energy&Me is our flagship product, it is the reason why Donnea was created.
We are proud of it and we want to create more health supplements that help women.

Tell us what is essential to you, and we'll research how to formulate a unique blend of nutrients to support you.

After you've purchased your Donnea health supplements here, we'll be in touch and ask for your input. 
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  Donnea Baby & Me
What are the best supplements to take while pregnant?
During my two pregnancies this was a question I struggled with.
I got rid of products with ingredients I couldn't get behind. But in my search, I found many of those same questionable ingredients. I couldn't find a brand that I trusted. Now Donnea has been brought to life, it's time to do something about that.

  Donnea Radiant Skin
How do you get flawless skin?
Did you know that Korean women use a 10-step skincare routine each and every morning to help keep their skin looking healthy?
When having 2 small children to get out of bed, bathe, dress and feed every morning before going to work, there is no time for a 10-step routine!

 Donnea Stress Relief
A social life, a family, a job, hobbies...
Many women live in a state of constant stress, accepting it as an unfortunate consequence of fast-paced life. This leads to unwanted health consequences, including migraines and sleep disorders.
Certain herbal supplements, which our daily diet doesn't always include, are nature’s stress remedies.